SCHOOLS across Dorset are set to benefit from millions in extra government cash next year as part of a bid to make funding fairer.

Local authorities in the county have traditionally been among the most poorly funded per pupil due to the intricacies of the government’s funding formula.

But the Department for Education has just unlocked £390 million extra funding from 2015/16 in a bid to redress the balance across 69 of the least fairly funded areas.

Schools in Bournemouth will receive £1.9m – which is a 2.4 per cent increase on the previous year’s funding and amounts to £100 per pupil.

In Poole the council will get an extra £3.2m – and increase of 4.7per cent, amounting to £187 per pupil.

Dorset will receive a £3.1m share of the pot, which equates to £64 per child and an overall 1.5 per cent increase.

Councillor Nicola Greene, cabinet member for education and children’s services at Bournemouth Borough Council said: “We are delighted with the news that this extra funding is being made available, which will help Bournemouth schools further enhance the excellent services that they provide for the children of Bournemouth.”

Cllr Janet Walton, Borough of Poole’s cabinet portfolio holder for children and families, added: “The increase for Poole schools, estimated at £3.2 million is because we are one of the lowest funded Local Authorities.

“The distribution of this welcome extra funding to schools will be through the local funding formula, which will be updated following consultation with all Poole schools and the Schools Forum in the autumn.”

Cllr Toni Coombs, cabinet member for education in Dorset, also applauded the decision adding: “We welcome this revised announcement, following our consultation with the DfE, of additional funding for Dorset.”

“Based upon this set of figures it will mean an extra £3.1m for Dorset children. This autumn we will discuss how this should be used to support education for our children and young people with the schools forum.”