BABY Ayla Hirsh gave her family memories to “cherish” when she made an unscheduled arrival on the concrete steps of a communal stairwell.

Mum Cherish and dad Simon were attempting to get to Poole Hospital for the birth of their second child but Ayla had other ideas and made her entrance before they even had a chance to get to the car.

And she didn’t stand on ceremony, popping out in front of friends and neighbours, not to mention the whole family.

Cherish, 25, a customer services adviser, went into labour at 5.30am on July 10 and decided to have a bath before setting off to the hospital.

Her husband contacted family members to look after their son, five-year-old Jayden, and friends were also staying with them at the time.

When Cherish’s labour pains got stronger she and personal banker Simon decided it was time to set off from their home in Turlin Road, Hamworthy.

“We got out of our maisonette and onto the stairwell before Cherish said she could feel the baby coming,” said Simon.

“I helped her down to the floor and my friends got pillows and towels for us but I was panicking and couldn’t even use the phone properly to call for an ambulance.”

Emergency services were eventually called but Simon could see Ayla’s head by then and she was born into his arms. Neighbours had come out because they could hear all the fuss – we were all in a panic because no one knew what to do,” added Simon.

“As soon as the paramedics arrived they cut the cord and took us back into our home. “We didn’t even need to go to the hospital.”

Ayla weighed 6lbs 6oz and was in perfect health.

She was born five days before her due date, a welcome bonus for Simon who went to see Eminem at Wembley Stadium the following day.

“I’ve waited years to see him and I thought I was not going to be able to go but Ayla came early so I could go to Wembley with my brother,” he said.

“The ticket was a Father’s Day present from Jayden and the bump.”