TOWN criers from around the south gathered for a competition worth shouting about at the weekend.

More than 10 battled it out with the aim of being recognised as the top town crier at the annual event, which this year was held in Wareham.

And the 2014 crown has been claimed by Arundel’s loudest lady, town councillor Angela Standing.

Wareham crier Jacquie Hall said: “It’s been a great day.

“We started with a procession to the middle of the town. There were 12 taking part this year, which was fantastic, and everyone joined in. Then there were two cries – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.”

The first call celebrated the crier’s hometown, while during the second, representatives were encouraged to draw on their creative side.

“It was a cry of their choice, and we were delighted to have a couple written about Wareham,” Jacquie said.

“There were some very funny ones. Everyone did very well indeed, but Angela Standing was the winner, followed by Mike Bishop from Frome in second place and Ken Knowles from Lichfield was third.”

Visitors to the town were treated to a two-course lunch at the Wareham Conservative Club in South Street, and all retired to the town hall for cream teas afterwards.

Jacquie said the competition rewards those who can do more than just shout.

“It’s not just about who is the loudest,” she said.

“There are lots of other things to think about. Town criers need to be clear, crisp and with excellent diction and inflection. That’s why ladies are just as capable as men.”