VILLAGE residents have reported more than 300 drivers to police in a bid to reduce speeding in their neighbourhood.

Members of the latest Community Speed Watch (CSW) group in Alderholt noted the vehicles during 21 speed checks.

The volunteers are the latest group in Dorset to give up their time in the fight against anti-social driving and excess speed.

Speed Watch operates in villages, towns and urban areas across Dorset to discourage motorists from speeding.

Dorset Police Safer Neighbourhood Team liaison officers assist groups in setting up by providing practical advice and support.

The groups are run by volunteers who use hand-held devices to record and monitor details of motorists seen speeding and can also note drivers suspected of using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt. The police then send warning letters to these motorists.

The information collected also helps Dorset Police identify areas and times for targeted road safety operations.

Since the Alderholt CSW group formed in February, the team has carried out 21 speed checks and noted 336 vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

Police Community Support Officer Steve Willis, of the Rural East Dorset Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Many of those motorists were travelling at almost double the 30mph speed limit. “This demonstrates the need for the CSW in Alderholt and we would like to thank the volunteers who have given up their own time in addressing this community problem.

“The Alderholt CSW team have received positive feedback from the local community who have noticed a reduction in the speed of vehicles in the area since the initiative started. “Speeding increases the risk of serious injury and fatal collisions and CSW has a huge part to play in reducing road casualties across Dorset.”

He stressed that police enforcement activity will continue in Alderholt and other areas where CSW operates.

Anyone interested in joining CSW should go to for more information or call their local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.