A FATHER and son injured in an accident have credited their cycle helmets with saving their lives.

George Knight, six, was strapped into a crossbar seat on his dad Gavin’s bike when their front wheel seized up and the pair toppled to the ground in Bournemouth.

George’s twin sister Alice and mum Claire Telfer-Knight, who were following behind, heard shouting and then saw the pair unconscious on the ground at West Way, near Castle Lane.

Both were taken to Poole Hospital and George was released four hours later but Gavin was kept in overnight while doctors carried out hourly neuro- observations.

Fortunately the cycle helmets they had been wearing took the impact of the fall. Both helmets were badly cracked in the accident, demonstrating the force of the impact.

Mum Claire, of Muscliffe Lane, said: “If they hadn’t been wearing those helmets, then that would have been their skulls that cracked.

“It’s frightening to think what could have happened, but it has gone to show just how important wearing a cycle helmet is every time you ride.

“I’m hoping to go into the children’s school next term and help spread the message. If it persuades one family to make their children wear a helmet then it is worth it.”

And Gavin said: “Everyone should know by now how important cycle helmets are, but this just goes to further prove it. The consequences of not wearing one could be horrendous.”

Claire also thanked all the many passers-by who stopped and helped them after the accident on Saturday, June 21, and said they also experienced wonderful treatment at Poole Hospital and from the police.

“I had two children very distressed at the side of the pavement and so many people stopped to help,” she said.

“People blocked the road for us to help stop the traffic until the police arrived. The reassurance we got from people was much appreciated.”