1. Friday afternoons on the A31 will start to look like this:

    Bournemouth Echo: IN A JAM: Northbound traffic backed up on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road for three miles after police closed the A31 westbound yesterday
  2. All of a sudden, the weather forecast will look like this:

    Bournemouth Echo:
  3. And then we’ll post a picture like this:

    Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth beach last weekend
  4. And we’ll all scratch our heads wondering why some of those people didn’t just move along a bit:

    Bournemouth Echo:
  5. This will happen. Seriously, people. Pick up your litter.

    Bournemouth Echo:
  6. And then this.  

    Bournemouth Echo: Traffic queuing to get out of Bournemouth
  7. A beach hut will go on sale for more than the price of a house

    Bournemouth Echo: Yours for £200k: the Mudeford beach hut that's no bigger than a garden shed
  8. Someone from a reality TV show will turn up at the beach polo

    Bournemouth Echo:
  9. Our weekend reporters will start to look like this:

    Bournemouth Echo: Crazy face gif
    (via giphy)
  10. Bournemouth will be hotter than a country that’s usually really hot

    Bournemouth Echo:
  11. Someone will set fire to a heath:

    Bournemouth Echo: HEATH BLAZE: Fire crews from Swanage  dampening down on Studland Heath
  12. You’ll be doing this in the office

    Bournemouth Echo: Happy
  13.  when this happens 

    Bournemouth Echo: Cavendish
  14. Or you’ll be hoping to be doing this:

    Bournemouth Echo: Celebration gif
  15. when this happens: 

    Bournemouth Echo: Murray wins wimbledon
  16. But you end up feeling like this because Murray crashes out of Wimbledon early:

    Bournemouth Echo: Tenant gif
  17. There will be a new “hottest day of the year” every week
  18. This will happen:

    Bournemouth Echo: British Heart Foundation Pier to Pier Swim 2013
  19. And then this:

    Bournemouth Echo:
  20. And then we'll all be like this, because summer is over.

    Bournemouth Echo: Sad face gif

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