FRUSTRATED parents facing school runs to two separate primary schools have hit out over admission rules splitting up their children.

A handful of parents whose youngsters have failed to get a place at Christchurch Junior School despite attending the neighbouring feeder school, Christchurch Infants, are calling for education chiefs at Dorset County Council to reverse appeal decisions.

All the pupils have older brothers at Christchurch Juniors, who have been refused places at the younger siblings’ alternative schools, as there are no spaces.

Sofie Mosquera said her youngest son Liam was refused a place at Christchurch Juniors as he is out of catchment, despite having attended the Infants for three years.

He has been offered a place at Somerford Primary, despite his older brother remaining at Christchurch Juniors.

“I’ve taken it all the way to the top; there is no way we can be in two places at once,” she said.

“But it seems no one is prepared to help us. All we can hope is common sense will prevail and urge the council to change their mind.

“Some of our children have special educational needs and need continuity and stability.”

Tina Ayres, whose son Arnold has been offered Burton school, said: “It’s just not possible. I would have to pick my older son Owen up at 2.50pm to get to Burton on time.

“There has been a lot of finger pointing at parents.”

Monika and Jason Hughes, who are fighting to get their daughter Chloe into Christchurch Juniors, added: “It’s not only about the school runs but the children’s quality of education. We feel we should be given priority and want the decisions reconsidered.”

Husband Jason added: “They have built so many houses in this area but not made any provision for extra classes.”

A spokesperson for the council said Christchurch Junior School could not take more than 31 children in the Year 3 classes.

They confirmed the appeals had taken place, adding: “The panel’s decision is final and cannot be challenged.

“The decisions for these families has been reached in a fair and transparent way and has complied with Dorset County Council’s admissions code.”

ADMISSION arrangements for children moving between Christchurch Infant and Junior schools are set to change in September 2015 following complaints.
Dorset County Council said children who are in catchment for a junior school and attend the feeder infant school would have a higher priority than catchment children who do not have a sibling or feeder school link.
The borough currently has a school places crisis with temporary classrooms already being used at Christchurch Infants School and plans have been announced to add three more classrooms at Burton Primary.
Talks with a landowner are also ongoing for a new £7million school in the borough.