SASHA McDowell, whose three-year-old son Eiden attends the school, said: “I love the fact it’s very small and very personal, every member of staff knows every child. As a parent you feel very well supported – by staff and by other parents.”

NICKI Brealy, whose daughter Rebecca attends the school, said: “Rebecca loves her one-to-one attention. She has physio and hydrotherapy on site and her wheelchair clinic and paediatrician visits are done at school so I now spend less time in hospitals.”

SALLY Jenner, nursing assistant, said: “I love the caring feeling that is so evident in this school. Everybody works as a team and we just want every child to reach their potential.”

NICKI Priddle, Class 1 teacher, said: “The support we give families and children here is so, so important. The progress they make is remarkable. It might be very small steps, but they are entirely significant for their lives and their family’s lives.”

LIZ Wilson, occupational therapist, said: “We look at the children’s strengths and develop the areas where we see potential. We look at what they can do and what the next step is.”

DAPHNE Paquin, learning support assistant, said: “Everybody here is very positive and the children are very happy. The work is extremely rewarding. The staff have a lot of energy and passion and everybody is focused on doing the best for the children.”

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