POOLE Grammar School has appointed a new head teacher to replace Ian Carter who retired last Christmas.

Deputy head Andy Baker has been acting head since January and the governing body has now announced his appointment as headteacher of the specialist maths and computing college.

“Having taught at Poole Grammar since 1993, I am absolutely delighted to be offered this post,” he said.

“As someone for whom education has made a real difference, I am very pleased to be able to lead a school which provides such opportunities to the young men of Poole.

He added: “Our young people are our nation’s future and there is no bigger responsibility than helping them find their way – in finding the right career but also in developing social skills and a moral compass.”

Growing up in North East London, he moved to Hertfordshire at the age of 11. History was his first love and he studied politics and economic history at university. “Probably to reflect my love of a good argument,” he said.

His second love was music and he graduated from third bassoon at school to bass guitar in a punk band.

He taught sixth formers at Southend then other schools, and to the deputy head role at Poole Grammar.

“As a teacher of predominantly politics I have seen how well young people deal with controversy and start to develop their ideas about the work and how it should be organised,” he said.

“They thrive on challenge – whether it be intellectual or physical – and I am a firm believer that we learn in many different ways and in diverse places.”

A keen skier, he has led 10 school trips to the slopes and has enjoyed seeing generations of students cope with a new environment.

Chairman of the governors, Dr Ken Power said: “The governing body are delighted to be able to make this appointment. Andy has the necessary qualities and abilities to lead the school through its next phase of development, ultimately to even higher levels of attainment.

“I am very optimistic for the future of the school and I look forward to working with Andy over the coming years.”