SOUTHBOURNE-On-Sea Business Association has a new vice-chairman.

Carlie O’Neill, of Tanner and Tilley Town Planning, has taken up the post after Cllr Chris Mayne, right, stepped aside to take up duties as the town’s mayor.

He said: “The role of mayor is exceptionally time consuming when carried out correctly and effectively.

“It is important that I neither compromise this office or Southbourne On Sea Business Association during the next year.

“By nominating Carlie, who is particularly talented and ener-getic, Southbourne gains a dynamic vice-chairman and a mayor simultaneously, win-win.”

Carlie, right, also heads the association’s comm-unications team, which has recently launched the new association’s new website, designed and driven by Zelda de Hollander of DH Websites and Studio Shotz.

Carlie said: “This is an exciting time for us here in Southbourne and Tanner & Tilley town planning are proud to be involved in our thriving business association.”