HOLLYWOOD star Macaulay Culkin has scrapped a concert due to be staged by his new band in Bournemouth this week.

The Home Alone star will now not be appearing at Sixty Million Postcards, after his band cancelled the remainder of their controversial tour.

The former child star’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground covers act, The Pizza Underground, were due to perform on Friday.

The 33-year-old became one of the most famous actors in the world when he appeared in Home Alone aged just ten, before appearing in new blockbusters such as Home Alone 2 and Richie Rich.

But he then slipped out of the limelight as the 1990s ended.

His new five-piece act had been formed in 2012 and pays tribute to rock band Velvet Underground by parodying their hits, with such names as Take a Bite of the Wild Slice, All the Pizza Parties and Pizza Gal.

They had already made some appearances in the UK, but only managed to play three songs before boos and abuse started ringing around the Rock City venue at the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham last week.

Band members had to dodge full pints of beer being thrown from the crowd. The band took to Twitter after the gig to apologise for abandoning the set. Culkin’s band was also previously met with boos at Manchester’s Zoo days.

News of the band’s visit to Bournemouth had sparked widespread` interest, but now that date and the rest of the UK tour have been cancelled.

On social media website Twitter, the band posted a message saying: “Sad that we had to cancel UK shows.

“Believe it or not we had fun! But all good things must end, and sometimes suddenly and w/o explanation.”

They said the cancellation of the remaining gigs was “nothing to do with the beer tossers”, instead saying they had to “deal with a chees-emergency”.