BOURNEMOUTH’S world-renowned Chocolate Boutique Hotel is enjoying the sweet taste of success after being voted as one of the top six most scrumptious attractions in the world for chocoholics.

The US TV channel Fox News said it had scoured the globe to compile a bucket list of theme parks, hotels and trains that would take those ‘cuckoo for cocoa’ to chocolate heaven.

Last year, the Chocolate Boutique Hotel was named one of the best ‘girliest hotel getaways’ in the world by CNN Travel. In a round-up of seven ‘quintessential girls’ getaways’, the travel website described the hotel and its chocolate shoe making workshops as ‘double whammy heaven’.

The hotel was also described by the Sunday Times Travel magazine as one of the top novelty hotels in the world.

In a “Six of the Best” feature, the magazine listed it as the best hotel for chocoholics, describing it as ‘a temple to sybaritic cravings where you can let your inner Willy Wonka run wild’.

Hotel owner Gerry Wilton said: “It’s always good to get this sort of world-wide publicity – it helps to put Bournemouth on the map.”