A SECOND round of interviews has again failed to throw up an acceptable new boss for Poole Council.

Chief executive John McBride, who retired in March after 12 years in the job, announced his intention to leave in September last year.

Since then the post, which pays up to £135,000, has been advertised twice and a panel of members has sat through interviews but has so far been unable to agree on a candidate.

Now it is possible that no one will be appointed to take charge of the unitary authority until after next May’s election.

In the meantime strategic director Andrew Flockhart is standing in as acting chief executive.

Carl Wilcox, head of human resources, Borough of Poole, said: “Interviews for the post of chief executive took place over the course of two days last week.

“Following a thorough and testing process, the appointments panel, consisting of members of the three main political groups, was unable to recommend a candidate for appointment.

“The post of chief executive is a vitally important role and the panel is committed to recruiting the right candidate to take forward the council’s ambitious programme for Poole.

“Senior councillors will reconvene in the near future to review the recruitment process and consider available options, including a possible option to postpone the appointment of a new chief executive until after the local elections in Poole in May 2015.

“Interim arrangements put in place to cover the role and responsibilities of the chief executive following the retirement of John McBride in March will continue for the time being.”

In a message to staff before he left Mr McBride said: “It's a pity that the recruitment of a new chief executive is taking longer than originally hoped.

“But as I always said to new staff at induction, recruitment is so important, we cannot afford to get it wrong.”