A RENOWNED choir that provides opportunities for Romanian orphans and highlights the work done by the Caminul Felix association brought their powerful message to Boscombe.

The Celebration Family, one of several choirs associated with the Caminul Felix organisation, performed outside the Giggle charity shop on Boscombe High Street.

Their impromptu performance came as staff from the shop prepare to visit Romania to help build a new family house that will provide dozens of orphaned and abandoned children with safe and nurturing homes.

Caminul Felix has links to two villages in the western part of Romania, where 16 families care for over 200 children.

It is an independent, Christian organisation that believes its “family concept” is the key to unlocking a child that has been neglected and abandoned.

The Giggle charity shop was set up by a pastor from the Wessex Christian Centre who saw the work being done in Romania and wanted to help. It raises money to support Caminul Felix and staff visit Romania to offer hands-on help.

Shop manager Beckie Ellaway said: “The sheer number of Romanian orphans first came to light in the 1980s and it remains a big issue today. Caminul Felix takes children from state orphanages and puts them in a family for life.

“The choir that visited us have been touring England for about a month, promoting Caminul Felix and raising funds. They attracted a lot of interest in the precinct. They have a very powerful message.”

Caminul Felix Choirs have, over a decade of national and international tours, been to Romania, the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway and Australia.

They provide an opportunity for children to share their talents and testimonies through music, as well as giving them opportunities to travel the world and meet new sponsors.