SELECTED road verges and public land in Poole will be left uncut this summer to support wildlife.

The Borough of Poole hopes that leaving grasses and wildflowers to grow will attract greater numbers of bees and butterflies, provide seeds for birds and shelter for small mammals.

Areas in Poole where grass will be uncut include parts of Sterte Espl-anade, Blake Dene open space in Lilliput, parks of Selkirk Close open space, sections of Sopwith Crescent in Merley, the sloped bank at Seldown Park, parts of Parkway in Canford Heath the slow lanes of Upton Bypass.

Areas within Poole and Parkstone cemeteries and part of St Michael’s churchyard Hamworthy will also be left to grow and mowing will only take place once the flowers have set seed.

This change was initially trialled by the Borough of Poole last summer, when it met with mixed views.

Cabinet member Cllr Xena Dion said: “By changing the way that some of our grasslands are managed, the variety of wildlife will certainly increase which has a long-term positive impact on our natural environment which we hope will be appreciated by all our local residents.”