A RESIDENT has branded alterations made to a bus stop in Poole “absolutely stupid”.

A raised kerb has been installed at the stop near the junction with Ringwood Road and Dorchester Road, with the yellow bus stop markings now painted in the middle of the road. Sean Smith, who lives nearby, said he was baffled when he saw the new stop for the first time last week and thinks the way it encroaches into the road will cause problems for drivers.

“It’s absolutely stupid. It’s the silliest thing I have seen,” he added.

“The road is very busy and there is another bus stop on the opposite side of the road.

“If buses stop on both sides at the same time then the traffic will be at a complete standstill.

“It gets congested at that junction and this will make things worse.”

The unorthodox alteration comes just two months after Dorset County Council deliberately painted wonky lines on a road in Wimborne.

A day after the local authority defended the lines to the Daily Echo and insisted they were intended to look that way, they were repainted – without the mysterious curve.

Cllr Ian Potter, Poole council’s cabinet portfolio holder for transportation, said the changes to the bus stop were part of an upgrade in the area to allow easier access for passengers with disabilities, and that the raising of the kerb was to allow level access onto the bus for wheelchair users.

He added: “We reviewed access at each location along Ringwood Road with the bus operators and the stop at Ringwood Road junction with Dorchester Road was identified as one which was regularly blocked by parked vehicles.

“At the majority of locations a marked bus stop clearway box is provided.

“However, in order to retain the majority of on street parking, as requested following a consultation with the local residents, a bus stop build out has been provided here which permits safe access onto the bus for all users whilst minimising the space required.”