A FUNDRAISER dressed as a Stormtrooper turned heads in Christchurch during a recent run.

Justin Arnold, a long-distance runner, originally from Bournemouth, who is training to take part in a series of gruelling events across the UK, donned his costume for a trial run on Sunday.

The six-mile run from Southbourne, through Tuckton and all round Christchurch town centre, drew attention and a few double takes from bewildered onlookers.

Justin is raising money for children’s charity Kidscape, the first organisation in the UK to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse.

He will be tackling a growing list of long distance runs, including half and full marathon distances whilst dressed in authentic 25lb Stormtrooper armour.

The suit – which is hard to move in, let alone run in – was made by the same designer and studio which created the original armour for the Star Wars films.

Of his recent run in Christchurch, he said: “It went really well.

“At one point we had about three cars in a row hooting continuously and there were a lot of people waving.”

He is aiming to raise around £5,000 for the charity, while increasing the profile of the work they do.

Go to stormrunning.com for more information.