BOURNEMOUTH teenagers Dan Elliott and Mae Yee Chan have been selected to represent Great Britain at an international dancing competition.

The youngsters, who train at A & L Dance studio in Eastleigh, will be competing in the Latin category of the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival on Tuesday, April 22.

Dan, a student at Bournemouth School for Boys, said: “I feel very privileged, especially as only two couples from each country compete.”

Dan, 13 and Mae Yee, 14 have won numerous competitions in the 18 months they have been performing together.

They were Latin and ballroom winners at the Stars of the Future Junior 1 competition and Latin winners at the Junior Star Championship 2014.

Dan has been dancing since he was nine and Mae Yee, who is a student at Glenmoor School for Girls, since she was three.

They practise for four hours a day in the school holidays and two hours a day in term time.

Dan’s mum, Lisa Elliott, said she is immensely proud of them.

“At the British Nationals in November they were runners-up to our British champions in Latin, who have moved into the youth category. So this puts Dan and Mae into top position,” she said.

She added: “I can’t say how it feels to watch my son dance. I’m so surprised and proud.”

To follow Dan and Mae Yee’s progress search for ‘Dan Elliott & Mae Yee Chan’ on Facebook.