A SCHEME whereby ordinary residents clock speeding motorists then pass the details to the police has been established in Lytchett and Upton.

Volunteers are needed for the Community Speed Watch (CSW) programme, which could see neighbours reporting neighbours for speeding, not wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones at the wheel.

Group members, trained to use handheld devices, will be able to report drivers – who could then receive police warning letters in the post.

Lytchett and Upton CSW membership manager Mike Blaxwell explained the scheme, an extension of the neighbourhood watch programme, had been established after data collected showed hundreds of drivers exceeding speed limits in Lytchett and Upton on a weekly basis.

“The thinking was that something was needed to be done about this before an accident happened,” said Mr Blaxwell.

“Just ask yourself how you would feel if a member of your family was knocked down and injured, or even worse, by a speeding motorist.

“In Lytchett and Upton there are a lot of elderly who are not as fast now on their feet and also many school children, who all need to be protected.

“When you see us about, please act responsibly by not warning oncoming motorists, as this will defeat the whole object of the exercise.”

Mr Blaxwell told the Daily Echo the CSW is ‘not about just booking people’ but had been launched to make the local community a better place.

Motorists caught speeding by the CSW will not be liable for fines and penalty points.

When the CSW schemes were launched across the county last summer, Dorset Police Acting Chief Constable Martin Hiles said: “As well as drivers receiving a warning letter about their driving behaviour, the information provided to us by groups enables our traffic officers, safer neighbourhood teams and Dorset Road Safe to identify problem areas and repeat speeders against whom we will take further action if necessary.”

To volunteer for the Lytchett and Upton CSW scheme contact Mike Blaxell on 01202 624318.