STAFF at a Poole hairdressers, who held a charity event to pay for the Civic Centre clock tower to be cleaned, have raised the funds they needed.

Zoe Beattie, of Hair By Zoe, told the Daily Echo: “The clock will be cleaned, the day was amazing.

“It was a perfect day really – the mayor came, the town crier came.”

Around 300 people packed the Sloop Pub for the event, which was held to raise £1,400 needed to pay for the George V Memorial Clock’s clean-up.

Borough of Poole currently has scaffolding around the building, on Commercial Road, Poole, to enable repairs to be carried out to the roof and the clock mechanism – as it has been stopped at one o’clock since Christmas.

Zoe, who got together with colleagues to organise the fundraiser, explained: “We understood there wasn’t the funds to actually clean the clock, but we were just fed up of having to look out and see it was so dirty.

“This is our clock; it’s been my view for the past 20 years.”

So, after contacting Poole council to ask if they could use the scaffolding that was up already and pay for the tower to be cleaned, the ladies organised a fun packed day with food, drink, entertainment, games and live music.

“We took £1,300 on the day and we’ve been collecting in the shop so we have the money needed,” said Zoe.

“We cannot thank everyone at the Sloop enough; they basically gave their pub over to us for the day.

“It was amazing how everyone came together.”

Borough of Poole senior property manager Hugh Lambourne explained: “The local hairdressers contacted us to see if they could use this scaffolding as they were keen to have the tower cleaned. We were delighted to help.”

Zoe hopes the cleaning will take place in the next few days.