We all know it's glamorous Bournemouth that gets all the attention. The sand, the Air Festival, the nightlife, the Silicon Valley by the sea. Poole? That's just the poor cousin down the road, right? WRONG.

1. It's got birds like this...

Bournemouth Echo: Forthcoming events at Arne

RSPB Arne is a great spot for watching the elusive Dartford Warbler and the nightjar, and is an internationally important resting spot for migrant wading birds like the grebe. And if you're not fussed about birds, there are seals, deer and Britain's most elusive reptile, the smooth snake.

2. It's five miles and about an hour closer to Cornwall. 

Bournemouth Echo: Traffic on Ashley Road in Poole

This only seems unimportant if you've never sat in Friday afternoon traffic trying to get from Bournemouth town centre to anywhere further west than Upton. 


3. It's home to Whispering Island

Bournemouth Echo: Brownsea Island

While there is some doubt about Corfe Castle really being the inspiration for Enid Blyton's Kirrin Castle (she once said it was actually based on a castle in Jersey) there is no doubt that Whispering Island, which features in Five Have a Mystery to Solve, is in fact Brownsea.

4. Call that a swimming pool? THIS is a swimming pool.

Bournemouth Echo:

Okay, so now you're an adult a morning at Splashdown might be your idea of hell. But as a kid? Littledown, shmittledown. 


5. It's got Pirates.

Bournemouth Echo:

Forget football. Speedway is where it's at. While Cherries fans have suffered a rollercoaster of emotion over the last decade, Poole Pirates have won 11 major trophies including five Elite League championship titles. Eleven World Champions have ridden for the team. And they've had the same manager since 1999.

6. And ACTUAL pirates.

Bournemouth Echo: Harry Paye Day 2013

It might LOOK like Harry Paye Day is just an excuse to dress up like Johnny Depp and drink a lot of rum before jumping in the sea, but Harry Paye was actually a pretty hardcore pirate. He burned the Spanish towns of Gijon and Finisterre, resulting a retaliatory attack on Poole, and helped the English defeat Marches king Owain Glyndŵr. Forget Jack Sparrow, Arripay was the real deal.


7. The Twin Sails bridge. 

Bournemouth Echo: Controversial Twin Sails Bridge shotlisted for structural award

A triumph of hope over disaster. Beautiful design coupled with engineering precison. The days it's working, anyway. And it's a really good excuse for being late for work.


8. The RNLI.

Bournemouth Echo: The Weymouth Lifeboat crew head to help a stricken swimmer

The RNLI is an incredible charity that saves hundreds of lives every year and its crew members train at the Poole HQ. There's been a lifeboat station in Poole since 1865.


9. We make yachts for superstars.

Bournemouth Echo: Eddie Jordan by his new superyacht. Picture Sunseeker/PA.

You name 'em, they've got a Sunseeker. If you live in Poole, the glamour rubs off, just a little. 

See inside Eddie Jordan's latest purchase here:


10. We make homes for superstars.

Bournemouth Echo: UPMARKET AREA: Sandbanks Peninsula, Studland Ferry, Haven Hotel and Poole harbour. Picture: Richard Crease with the help of Bournemouth Helicopters.

Okay, so we all know Sandbanks is not QUITE the millionaire haven the national press likes to make out. And yes, the line about it being the fourth most expensive place to buy property in the world is 12 years old and was essentially made up by a posh American estate agent. But knowing this means you can feel smug and superior while simultaneously pointing out Harry Redknapp's house to your visting friends.

But if none of those reasons are enough to convince the person you're talking to, just show them this.


11. It's called POOLE Bay. Not Bournemouth Bay (are you listening, Bay Run organisers?) Poole  Bay.

Bournemouth Echo: Glorious sunset over Poole Bay after another wet day.

We're sure you've got hundreds more reasons why Poole is better than Bournemouth. So let's hear them in the comments...

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Poole is the birthplace of Scouting. The first experimental camp was held in 1907 and there are scout groups in Poole which are the oldest in the world and can trace their beginnings back to founder members who were on that camp.

Poole has the second largest natural harbour in the World, the first being Aukland, New Zealand. (and of course Bournemouth doesn’t have a harbour or any size does it!!!!)

Poole also has the beautiful view from Evening Hill, all over Poole Harbour and Sandbanks.

Poole has the Ferry terminal to the Channel Islands