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Two children injured in Kinson 'hit and run' - one boy suffers internal injuries while police hunt for driver

Last updated:

    Two young brothers involved in collision
  • Boys taken to Poole Hospital after one brother was thrown 60 feet and the second was momentarily dragged underneath the vehicle
  • However, Dorset Police have now confirmed that the youngsters are expected to make a full recovery from their injuries
  • Police are seeking the driver of a red Volkswagen believed to have left the scene after the crash
  • Traffic chaos during rush hour as Wimborne Road closes


Vikki27 7:25pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Horrific news. And they LEFT!?!? I'd hate to infer anything about the driver because I can only imagine the panic and the guilt she must have felt...but what kind of a person can take that panic and guilt and just leave like that? I desperately hope both boys are okay. My warmest thoughts and deepest concern go out to their parents, who must be going through hell right now.
Score: 22
poolebabe 9:55pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Thank goodness the boys are going to be ok. Still a terrible ordeal for the family, but fantastic news. Now for the driver to come forward.
Score: 5
Wackerone 8:16pm Wed 5 Mar 14
The driver stopped, got out and spoke to people at the scene but nobody took a registration number! Absolutely ridiculous.
Score: 19
bmb 6:47pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Thoughts with Mum & Dad, hope the boys both make a full & speedy recovery. Sounds like a parents worse nightmare.
Score: 24
MikeGB 6:48pm Wed 5 Mar 14
The person responsible needs to give themselves up now, or go to hell deservedly. Whatever the circumstances, running off is inexcusable. Let the whole of Bournemouth and Poole unite to bring this person to admit their crime. If it was a terrible accident with no blame on the driver, so be it. Anything else is inexcusable and it happens so often it is time we all work together to get rid of irresponsible driving, it happens too often without the dire consequences of this incident.
Score: 44
sprintervanman 7:19pm Wed 5 Mar 14
As a parent this has to be the worse position you can be in to see your children injured.Complete thoughts and prayers to the Family.
Score: 18
hamworthygirl 7:19pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Those poor parents and children, it just seems to be more frequent these days. Have people no conscience its appalling that someone can mow down innocent children without a thought.
Score: 22
Busa13 7:24pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Thoughts to all invoved, i rode past this scene today, it was chaos. I didnt stop because there were at least 3 ambulances on scene. However, maybe the police parked up near bear wood roundabout could of packed up the speed camera and helped out? Or were they doing something more important than a hit and run with two small children? Unbelievable!
Score: -21
SadieMS 7:24pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Every parent's worst nightmare. I came out of parent's evening at Kinson Primary to this devastion. There was an eery silence and could only think of my children knowing the poor boys. Thoughts are with everyone
Score: 14
itsneverblackorwhite 7:32pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Thinking of the boys and their parents best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope the cowardly woman is caught soon, just a shame someone did not grab hold of her at the scene!
Score: 18
justme20092009 7:45pm Wed 5 Mar 14
beat the **** out of her if caught
Score: -22
poolebabe 8:19pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Oh my gosh. I first of all hope the little boys are ok. My heart goes out to the parents. As for the driver, how anyone can drive off is beyond me. Let's hope she gains her senses and hands herself in quickly. There is a lot to go on. She will be found quickly if not.
Score: 16
Hessenford 8:23pm Wed 5 Mar 14
What kind of human being can hit two young lads with their car and then drive off, how can they live with themselves. My thoughts are with the two boys families and I hope and pray they make a speedy recovery.
Score: 19
Mummyto3boys 8:29pm Wed 5 Mar 14
I have boys the same age, it breaks my heart to hear of this awful accident this evening. I hope the woman that did this has a conscience and hands herself in !! Hoping and praying the little boys pull through this ok.
Score: 16
BournemouthMum 9:10pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Mummyto3boys wrote: I have boys the same age, it breaks my heart to hear of this awful accident this evening. I hope the woman that did this has a conscience and hands herself in !! Hoping and praying the little boys pull through this ok.
My grandsons are the same age too. It must be heartbreaking for the boys' poor parents. I'm sure the person will hand themselves in as they may have panicked or not realised the seriousness of what had happened. At least I hope so.
Score: 13
Busa13 9:28pm Wed 5 Mar 14
I would never waive chidren across a road unless i was 100 pc sure that no other vehicle could come past. That driver shouldnt blame themselves but its an error of judgment. (feel free to mark as negative, but if it makes you think twice, i dont honestly care)
Score: 6
bfglyoda 9:48pm Wed 5 Mar 14
So upset that two boys have been hurt, hoping they make a speedy recovery, feel for the parents, worst nightmare. Also hope driver comes forward soon.
Score: 4
jmc1978 10:42pm Wed 5 Mar 14
I feel for both family's hope your boys will be fine the driver have no time for .she is sick how can anyone do that lets just hope they find her soon
Score: 3
SpookyMinx 11:05pm Wed 5 Mar 14
I can't imagine the panic & devastation the poor Mum must have felt seeing her boys injured like this, my heart goes out to her & her little boys. I can't understand the driver leaving the scene, I can only imagine that she must have panicked & been in a state of shock to react in this way, I hope she finds the strength to do the right thing & hand herself in.
Score: 4
[deleted] 11:44pm Wed 5 Mar 14
Score: 0
[deleted] 12:05am Thu 6 Mar 14
Score: 8
souwest 11:04am Thu 6 Mar 14
Was this in any way connected to the gangs of teenage children last night around Leybourne Avenue and Timothy Close? Nigh on 50 of them? There was a police car and an ambulance there as well.
Score: -1
souwest 11:23am Thu 6 Mar 14
I thought there was a traffic light controlled crossing there? Have they moved it?
Score: 1
roguetrader666 12:24am Fri 7 Mar 14
What on earth is this 'vital evidence' that the police are closing the road for hours to find? They already have numerous witnesses, they just need to trace the car. Are they scouring the area, hoping to find the number plate of the Polo?
Score: 0

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