THE manager of Swanage’s Youth Hostel has returned home following a fact-finding visit to Germany.

Garry Hayman visited the youth hostel in Swanage’s twin town Rudesheim am Rhein, inset, where he met the deputy manager Rene Franzke.

Mr Hayman said: “I had a very inspiring informal meeting. We chatted about the differences and similarities of the day-to-day running of our hostels and staffing structures. After an open discussion we then looked at ways in which we can learn from one another ‘s best practices and promote each other businesses in our own hostels.”

The pair also explored the possibility of one day forming a staff exchange programme to enhance their new partnership.

“Ideally this position would be for an inspiring talented local person to broaden their horizons,” said Mr Hayman.

DJH Rudesheim is a 170-bed hostel in the Bundesland of Hessen, set among the vineyards of the Rhein Valley.