FINAL year film production students in Bournemouth have embarked on a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

The Arts University Bournemouth students are producing a short film, called Wait For Me, and will construct a 60ft trench as well as building an entire Edwardian house set in a studio.

The set will be the biggest ever attempted by film students in Bournemouth and the group behind the project are currently trying to raise money to fund it.

The film will follow the parents of a young soldier and aims to illustrate the value of the family bond and its importance when tested. It will premiere at the British Film Institute in London in July.

Group member Georgia Charter told the Daily Echo: “Collectively our film crew is now a member the Imperial War Museum’s First World War Centenary Partnership.”

The students have set up a fundraising campaign on the crowd funding website Indiegogo and are also asking for donations.

Those who help could receive copies of the film, visits to the set and even get the chance to attend the premiere in London.

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