PARENT Kate Graham has two children who have now left the school and one who is a current pupil. She said: “I love this school so much. I like the community feel about it and the inclusiveness - everyone is embraced.”

SARA Dawson has two children currently in the school and one has left. She said: “My children are very happy here. I think their understanding of different cultures is much better than mine was at their age.”

YEAR 5 pupils Rachel Carmichael, nine, said: “I have been here since nursery and I think this school is really good. We have a lot of cultures and 38 languages. My favourite subject is maths because we do activities which are really fun.”

ELLIE Hazle, is in Year 5 and has been a pupil since reception. She said: “I like English and maths. Our teachers are really good and help out with children who don't learn quite as easily as others.”

KEY worker Katie Gosling said: “I have been here for seven years and it is a great place to work. The staff are good and there is a lot of team support.Key workers aim to make a difference in the behaviour of the children - there is a lot of support for them.”

RECEPTION teacher Charlotte Watkins joined the school in September. She said: “I love working here, it is an amazing place to work.. Since I started I feel I have settled in well and the children are amazing.”