A FURIOUS councillor has accused Ferndown Town Council of a ‘lack of decency’ following the resignation of the mayor.

Cllr Steve Lugg – who was until recently the town’s deputy mayor – spoke out after Cllr John Lewis resigned from his post as mayor seven months into the role.

The Rotarian, who has lived in the town since his retirement in 2006, has refused to confirm his reasons for leaving the town council mid-way through his mayoral year.

However, it is widely believed to be related to the management of the King George V charity, set up and chaired by town councillors.

Cllr Lugg and his wife Cathy, also a councillor, were away on holiday as a special meeting of the council was called to elect a new mayor.

He said: “I thank John Lewis for his work in the town as mayor, and regret his decision to leave the council.

“I regret the timing of the meeting, made as it was, to be held in both my absence and that of Cllr Mrs Lugg. There was no legal obstacle to leaving it seven days, but as deputy mayor I was not invited to give my opinion.

“My engagement with the Ferndown Jitsu Club before leaving for the airport on holiday last Wednesday was therefore our last in office.”

Cllr Lugg resigned after discovering he had not been given the opportunity to become the new mayor.

Cllr Pauline Reynolds has been made the new mayor until May 2014, while Cllr Mike Parkes has taken over as her deputy.

Cllr Lugg added: “I particularly regret the lack of decency and respect shown to my wife whom has been a fine deputy mayoress, but now finds herself out of a job. “Having carried out all manner of engagements standing in for the mayor from the Remem-brance Parades to working with Ferndown Blind Club, which we have thoroughly enjoyed, one might reasonably think that some respect remains in public life?”

Cllr Lewis, who represented the central ward and was a member of both the environment and finance committees, said: “I would prefer to keep the reasons for my resignation private.

“It’s my decision, and there’s nothing untoward about it.

“It’s just something I have decided to do.”

A former councillor, who served with the organisation a number of years ago, said Cllr Lewis’s decision to leave stemmed from a disagreement with the KGV charity.

“The management of that committee has caused some problems,” she added.