A MAN injured three police officers as he struggled against handcuffs following a domestic incident in Bournemouth.

David Howett, of Viscount Walk, had been involved in a row with former partner Joanna Tryska on Christmas Eve last year.

She left the house through a kitchen window before seeking refuge with an elderly neighbour.

But Howett pursued her over the road, breaking the neighbour’s front door and ‘punching’ Ms Tryska after she hit out at him.

When police officers arrived, Howett – who has an arthritic condition that causes him “constant pain” – struggled against the handcuffs, giving all three minor injuries.

Lee Turner, prosecuting, said when officers arrived “they arrested him for criminal damage”.

“A sergeant also attended, and detained the defendant. At that time, he complained of back issues.

“He started violently resisting.”

Officers used pava spray to try and subdue the 31-year-old, but he continued to fight and threw one female officer against the bonnet of a car.

Mr Turner said: “The officers were finally able to restrain him on the ground.

“All three received grazes and bruising.”

Robert Renshaw, mitigating, said Howett had become depressed after losing his job earlier that year and splitting with Ms Tryska the previous month.

He added that the defendant was in £21,000-worth of debt at the time of the attack.

“He was struck (by his former partner) and acknowledges that he retaliated,” Mr Renshaw said.

“When the police arrived, he told them he suffered from an arthritic condition and asked them to handcuff him to the front. However, they decided to put his arms behind his back.

“He feels a shooting pain and struggles.”

He added that his client was “mortified” and that he is of previous good character.

Howett pleaded guilty to three counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of his or her duty, using violence to secure entry to premises, criminal damage and assault by beating at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court.

He will be sentenced on March 4 at 2pm following the preparation of a pre-sentence report.