DEMOLISHING Bournemouth Pavilion would be “sacrilege” according to the deputy mayor in response to controversial suggestions as to how the town should be developed.

The idea to transform the town hall into a hotel was also met with disapproval from Cllr Phil Stanley-Watts who hailed the building as “Bournemouth’s jewel in the crown”.

He dismissed a number of the suggestions put forward by Dave Wells who decided to speak out after it was announced he would be taking a back seat at DWP Housing Partnership.

Cllr Stanley-Watts said: “The Pavilion is a listed building and a beautiful landmark which has been there for a long time.

“It plays host to wonderful shows and a spectacular summer season. It would be absolute sacrilege to demolish that building and I really disagree with that suggestion put forward by Dave Wells.”

Dave Wells, who is the founder of Dorset’s biggest private lettings company, praised Cllr Beesley for pulling the plug on Trevor Osborne’s Pavilion Gardens plans and said the council should at some point consider demolishing the Pavilion.

Cllr Stanley-Watts also disagreed with Mr Wells’ idea to turn the town hall into a hotel, instead suggesting it should be opened up for the public.

He said: “I wish a lot more people could see inside the town hall as it has such an interesting history and even has its own ghosts.

“I think people should be encouraged to come and have a look around and attend open meetings.

“I would definitely encourage the idea to have tours round the building and the catering facilities should be improved.”