“TO INFINITY and beyond” will be the words of one fundraiser when he dons a Buzz Lightyear costume for a skydive in memory of two Poole brothers.

Del Hancock will be dressing as the iconic character to remember Harry and Cody Churchill who died within days of each other after suffering from a debilitating and painful skin condition.

Three-year-old Harry passed away at Julia’s House on March 13 and just two days later his 21-month-old brother Cody also succumbed to a serious infection.

The Sunseeker carpenter decided to jump 12,500ft dressed as Harry’s favourite character from Toy Story and he will be joined by Mike Head who is fashioning a Thomas the Tank Engine costume.

Del said: “I’m friends with the fam-ily and I’m hoping to do something every year to raise awareness and help keep their memory alive.

“I decided to dress up as Harry’s favourite movie character and Mike will be joining me as Thomas the Tank Engine as this was Cody’s TV show of choice.”

They are hoping to raise at least £1,000 each for Julia’s House which is a hospice dedicated to children with life-limiting conditions.

Both boys suffered from genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa and were known as butterfly children, because their fragile skin would blister at the slightest touch.

Del took part in the 26-mile fancy dress walk as Snow White last year and raised £1,700 for Julia’s House in memory of the inspirational brothers.

He said: “The staff at Julia's House did exactly what they aim to do for Harry and Cody in their short little lives and continue to do so for many other children.

“The heartbreaking story was shown on Children in Need, but more awareness needs to be raised because few people understand the illness.”

To donate visit justgiving.com/Del-Hancock and justgiving.com/Mike-Head