AN exciting new venture for students at Bournemouth University has been re-launched in association with The Daily Echo.

The Student Eye web platform is being taken on by a group of dedicated journalism students, keen to provide students with news happening in Bournemouth, as well as reviews and features.

Led by editor-in-chief Anna Pujol-Mazzini with features editor Jodie Boyce and lifestyle editor Kassia Hope Wordley, the team of students, mainly from the university’s multimedia journalism undergraduate course, will be regularly updating their site at with stories and features.

Anna said: “This new edition, which I am very proud to run, will offer you a constant stream of news, features and lifestyle.

“We are particularly working on giving you daily updates, be it on breaking news or reviews of the newest and best places in Bournemouth and the local area.

“The relaunch of The Student Eye started from scratch. I had a feeling that with a committed team of writers, the concept would work well, and decided to take my chance on it by tweeting Echo deputy editor Andy Martin.

“The publication creates a huge opportunity for us students to report on local stories with deadlines and to get to know our town better.

“It pushes us to work to high standards and to get feedback from the Echo team, who are very supportive of the project.

“Also, we aim to bring the news closer to students, and youths more generally, who tend to completely disconnect from informative media.

“All our writers are Bournemouth University students, mainly from the multimedia journalism undergraduate course, but not only.

“We pride ourselves in covering the largest possible range of views and allow everyone to be published. We are also looking to expand the team with writers from different courses and the Arts University.

“I hope you will enjoy reading us as much as we enjoyed putting this new edition together.”

To check out the latest from the talented team go to .

You can also tweet them @TheStudentEye