BOURNEMOUTH’S cliffs are regularly inspected to guard against falls, the council has been told.

Following the stormy weather of last month and this month, deputy mayor Cllr Phil Stanley-Watts posed a question at Tuesday’s full council meeting on the subject.

He said: “I would like to thank the officers and the many agencies for their efficient manner of going about their duty in answer to the emergency planning response working together to address the many problems that this recent severe weather brought.

“Not only flooding but the continual rain on our cliff coastline over many weeks has led to land slips.

“Can the cabinet member assure me that there will be an inspection of the borough’s cliffs to allay fears of further erosion?”

Cabinet member for planning and environment, Cllr David Smith, said: “Regular visual inspections of the cliff faces are undertaken by staff in Seafront Services and Planning, Transport and Regulation.

“Where falls do occur more detailed investigations are undertaken by our staff and our engineering consultants.

“In the 1980s substantial cliff stabilisation work was undertaken by the council including the installation of drainage.

“Since then there have been very few instances of falls given the extent of the cliffs in the town. Nevertheless, an inspection regime is in place.”

Shortly before Christmas, some beach huts were damaged at Southbourne due to a landslip.

Cllr Lawrence Williams, cabinet member for tourism, leisure and culture, said: “I wish to reassure him the seafront rangers who were on duty throughout the entire Christmas and New Year period were watching the situation very carefully.

“The only area that gave cause for concern was at Gordon’s Corner, Fishermans Walk, where a pre-Christmas cliff slip caused the promenade to be partially blocked.

“During the worst conditions and highest tides and where the water topped over the sea wall, the promenade in this area was temporarily closed and the Rangers stationed at each end to advise the public.”