NEIGHBOURS have demanded action to combat the scourge of untaxed cars parked along their residential road.

Two untaxed vehicles were parked in Chatsworth Road, Parkstone, Poole, for around three months, according to residents.

One of them has recently been moved but the other, a black Jeep Cherokee, is still on Chatsworth Road neighbours say – despite being reported to the DVLA on numerous occasions.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “The tax ran out on the Jeep in October and it has been there since then.

“I hadn’t noticed the other one, a black Land Rover, until recently. The tax on the Land Rover ran out 18 months ago.”

In the past few days the Land Rover has been moved, neighbours say. Another Chatsworth Road resident, who also asked not to be named, said: “I’ve spoken to traffic wardens a number of times, and I know they have been reported on the DVLA website at least half a dozen times. We’ve seen no action taken so far.”

Borough of Poole’s Newtown Lib Dem ward councillor Graham Wilson said he understood residents’ frustrations.

“Nobody has complained to me about it,” he added. “But I do notice from time to time that cars appear on the roadside with notices of sale. Sometimes the smaller garages possibly have too many cars and then put their stock out on roads.

“We do support residents in their aspirations to have things decent along their roads.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Morley, regulatory services team manager, Borough of Poole, explained that the DVLA is responsible for untaxed vehicles.

He said: “The council will always report them to the DVLA if we are made aware of them.

“However, we would encourage members of the public to report them directly to the DVLA in the first instance. The untaxed Land Rover in Chatsworth Road was reported to us as an abandoned vehicle on December 30.

“We did not believe the vehicle was abandoned, so wrote to the owner on December 31 advising them they had seven days to move the vehicle or we would move it and recover any costs incurred.

“The vehicle was moved by January 6 so no further action will be taken by Borough of Poole.”

  • A DVLA spokesman said: “DVLA’s national wheelclamping contractor, as part of their day-to-day operations, clamp and/or impound any untaxed vehicles seen on the road.

“We will arrange for our wheelclamping contractor to visit Chatsworth Road when they are next in the area.”