QUESTIONS have been raised over disruptive road closures in Christchurch caused by floods, with residents and councillors calling for more action.

Yesterday, Stony Lane at Burton partially reopened after a being closed for more than a week.

This morning - Tuesday - the Avon Causeway was reportedly reopened and Stony Lane was open both ways.

Both roads are normally busy routes in and out of Christchurch and are causing delays and diversions for villagers in Burton as well as commuters.

Judy Jamieson, chairman of Burton Parish Council said she was going to raise the matter with borough and county councillors at a parish council meeting last night.

“As I understand it, one of the reasons the road is still closed, is that they wanted to completely check that it was safe,” she said.

“If it was to be opened and hadn’t been checked and part of the road surface was dangerous then questions would be asked.

“However, it has been more than a week and we will be asking if they can get a move on.

“We will be chasing this of course.”

Mrs Jamieson said she had asked whether the water could be pumped away from Stony Lane but was told last week the fields next to the road were too flooded.

The parish council handed out flood sacks – sandbag-type devices – to residents in Stony Lane, which they purchased following the floods last year.

Cllr David Jones, county councillor for Burton said: “I will be pushing for better distribution of equipment and asking the environment department for a review of their procedures.

“I also hope the county highways department have noted the issues caused when this road is closed in reference to their plans for work on this road.

“I know residents are frustrated with how long this is going on and my sympathies are with them.”

A spokesperson for Dorset County Council, responsible for Highways in Christchurch said: “The River Avon is still high and we have nowhere to pump the water to because surrounding fields – which are flood plains – are flooded.

“We are monitoring it and when the river levels go down we will be able to clear the highway.”

STAPEHILL Road in Ferndown is likely to remain closed this week as the surface water drainage system has broken.
There is currently an emergency road closure on as it is impassable due to
A spokesperson for Dorset County Council said the broken system must be repaired before the road can be reopened.
This work can only be carried out when the flood water recedes, the spokesperson added.
It is likely the road will not reopen until the end of this week at the earliest.
An alternative route from Canford Bottom roundabout is either via Ham Lane or Wimborne Road West.