AROUND £150 worth of donated stock had to be thrown out after a charity shop door was smashed.

Toughened glass from the door sprayed through the PDSA shop in Poole High Street, contaminating a row of knitwear and displays of handbags.

Store manager Jane Hill said she and the shop volunteers were shocked by the damage.

“There was glass everywhere,” she said.

“It’s toughened glass and it looks like someone put their foot through it, low down.

“We had to throw away a lot of stock because there was glass all over it.” She estimated the value at £100-150, they lost half-a-days trading and the cost of replacing the glass door will be around £300.

“It’s the loss of the stock which had been donated to us to sell,” she said. “We don’t know if they took the odd thing. I think the way the till was on the floor they thought there was money in it. We don’t leave money out in the shop overnight.”

She said: “We work hard and our customers donate the things for us to raise money to help sick animals.

“It’s a shame for them as well. People have been very upset by it all,” she said.

Volunteers worked hard to clear up the mess after the police left the charity shop, which has been open for eight years.

“You think you have found all the glass and then you find it glinting.

“We can’t risk selling anything with glass in it,” she said.

She is appealing for more donations to sell to help sick animals, but tells a cautionary tale. One donation left outside the front of the shop before it opened last week, was stolen.

“Please ring the bell if we are closed, there might be someone out the back,” she said.