POOLE residents are complaining that they have not been able to recycle over Christmas because bins have not been collected.

There were no bin collections in the borough from December 25 to 31 which means that everyone missed one black bin collection of rubbish and some properties missed a blue bin, recycling collection.

However this can mean no collection for four weeks for some homes and Dave Hamilton, of Kings Avenue, Penn Hill, is one of those affected.

“I am very disappointed with the level of service with the bins over the Christmas and New Year period,” he said. His blue bin was last collected on December 16 and will not be emptied again until January 13.

“I am so upset that I have been unable to recycle any of my Christmas waste as the recycling bin was full before this period,” he said. “So much for Poole council wanting to make it a greener and cleaner place.”

He and neighbours had been out collecting rubbish that had blown up the street. “Some people in my road have taken it to the tip,” he said. “But we pay for a service and it should be done.”

Shaun Robson, head of environmental and consumer protection services, pointed out Borough of Poole has not collected blue or black bins during Christmas week for more than 10 years. “We advised residents there would be no collections through local media, our magazine Poole News, on our website and through the council’s social media channels,” he said.

“Our collection teams will collect reasonable amounts of side waste with your first collection after Christmas.”

Hundreds call to complain

Collection services will be operating until 10pm and teams will be out collecting windblown waste. Due to the severe weather residents are asked not to put out bins and side waste until their scheduled collection day.

From December 24 2012 to January 7 2013, the council received 1,667 calls relating to Streetscene services, which includes bins, severe weather and garden waste.

From December 24 2013 to January 2 2014 there were 959 calls.