TEENAGER Jacob Whitehouse, who was given just two years to live four years ago, has defied the odds to achieve his dream of meeting a WWE Superstar.

His wish was granted by the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity that turns dreams into reality for children with serious and terminal illnesses.

In October 2009, Jacob was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), which is a severe life-limiting condition that affects the tissues of the body.

When Jacob was first diagnosed, he was given just two years to live but, with the help of his family, he was determined to fight the disease.

He was the first child in the world to have stem cell treatment for ALD and is the only case where the spread of ALD has been halted. Jacob, who now uses a wheelchair, has to take a huge amount of medication and has become accustomed to hospitals.

April, Jacob’s mum, said: “Jacob smiles all the time.

“He loves life and living on the edge.

“He has a cracking sense of humour and tries so hard.”

April heard about Starlight’s wish granting programme and decided to refer Jacob for a wish.

Jacob’s two goals in life are to walk again and to become a WWE Superstar and, for a long time, it has been a dream of his to meet one of his favourite wrestling stars. Starlight arranged for Jacob, his parents and his brother Samuel, aged 10, to watch WWE Live in Birmingham and to meet Randy Orton after the show.

His mum April said: “We had an amazing time.

“The kids were so chuffed.

“Randy was lovely to them and paid them lots of attention. He answered all their questions and gave them lots of signed memorabilia as mementos of the wish.”