A HEINEKEN helicopter surprised the owner of Urban Reef with a delivery of more than 850 bottles of beer in response to the bar’s viral video Beercopter.

Urban Reef in Boscombe created its own version of the Bournemouth Air Festival with a video about a new beer delivery service using drones to supply thirsty customers on the beach.

The video went viral with around 10,000 views on Youtube and Urban Beach decided to tweet the short film to Heineken as the Dutch beer played a starring role in the video.

Mark Cribb, the owner of Urban Reef, said: “It was the most impressive response to social media I’ve ever seen.

"I was being interviewed in Studland when I suddenly heard and saw a helicopter on the horizon with a huge net underneath carrying hundreds of bottles of beer.

“I then realised it was a massive set-up by Heineken and I was absolutely speechless.”