SOME of the most inspirational young people in Bournemouth were invited to an award ceremony on Thursday.

The annual Bourne Brilliant Awards, held at the Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel, on St Michael’s Road, with a distinct 1920s theme, aimed to highlight some of the great achievements of young people aged 13 to 21.

From mentoring young people confronting addiction to looking after poorly relatives, there were a whole host of reasons for why the room full of young people were named Bourne Brilliant.

Geraint Griffiths, Head of Bournemouth Integrated Youth Service, said: “At a time when we hear so many negative things about young people, Bourne Brilliant aims to celebrate the achievements of Bournemouth’s young people.

“Achievements that, without events such as this, risk going un-noticed.

“Our hope is that, as well as recognising the achievements of some very special individuals, it will serve to highlight the positive role that the vast majority of young people play in making our town a better place to live in.”

Special thanks also went to Claire Escott, from Bournemouth Integrated Youth Service, for her work with a team of young people to create the Bourne Brilliant Awards event, now in its fifth year.

Mayor of Bournemouth, Cllr Rodney Cooper, said that it was an honour to be at the Bourne Brilliant awards.

He also added that during his time as a councillor and also working as a school teacher, nothing meant more to him than seeing young people achieving success.

The Young Local Hero award, supported by the Daily Echo, went to Jessica Pike.

Judges heard about her personal contribution to the community through her hard work and commitment, giving up her time for various groups and projects. Jess has spent the last six years volunteering for the Winton Guides and Brownies.

Darren Slade, Chief Reporter at the Daily Echo, said: “The good news about Bournemouth’s young people could fill a newspaper every day. That’s why the Daily Echo is proud to be media partner with the Bourne Brilliant awards.”

Anyone who would be interested in getting involved with the Bourne Brilliant Awards or sponsoring a category in 2014 should contact Claire Escott, on

Inspirational Role Model, sponsored by Yellow Buses: Rosie Flory

Rosie cared for her older brother, Harry, before he died in February 2012, after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. She gave up her free time to ensure that Harry was properly cared for, and following his death, arranged a team of 28 people to run in the Race for Life in his memory. Rosie has so far raised around £1,000 to go to paediatric brain tumour research in the UK.

Most Successful Young Team Sponsored by Bournemouth Trophy & Engraving Centre: The 896 Electric Team

The young people attended the Electric Music Project, which enabled them to build positive relationships with each other, developing from individuals into creating a band performing and recording their work. This was the start of an amazing friendship that saw them work as a team to organise regular live gigs, enabling young musicians to have a platform to perform. The group have also put a huge amount of voluntary time into organising the Rendezvous Festival over the years.

Young Carer, sponsored by North Bournemouth Rotary: Alice Stein

From the age of eight, Alice looked after her brother, Matthew, who received a double lung transplant after a mystery illness destroyed his lungs when he was 14 and totally devoted her time to him, until he died in October 2012. However, she never once fell behind with her homework or let her grades drop. Her patience was endless, and Matthew was always amazed how she never got fed up and always put his needs first.

Sports Star, sponsored by The Steve Bernard Foundation: Lewis Bradbury

Lewis joined Harewood College in September 2012 and participated in the trials for the Year 7 indoor rowing squad and finished in first place. Like all the participants, Lewis had not rowed indoors or outdoors before. Alongside 12 other people who were drafter into the squad, Lewis trained with dedication through the year, developing his technical skills and endurance capabilities at the college club, as well as achieving a number of awards.

Young Volunteer, sponsored by Abbey Life Assurance Company: Josh Mitchell

Josh was a young man who did not get on well with the education system initially, but decided to start volunteering with Bournemouth Integrated Youth Services, and the young person’s drug and alcohol service, Addaction. He has played a key role in the setting up of a junior club for the young people of Boscombe and for the last three months, has attended the session on a weekly basis, giving his all to help.

Young Local Hero, supported by Bournemouth Echo: Jessica Pike

Jess is an exceptional young woman and this in part has been demonstrated by her personal contribution to the local community through her hard work and commitment, giving up her time for various groups and projects. Jess has spent the last six years volunteering for the Winton Guides and Brownies, where every week she organises art sessions, activities and supports residential trips. Irrelevant of any social opportunities, Jess always makes sure her work with these young women is a priority.

Young Star of the Future, sponsored by Brook Road Garage Limited: Jordan Arnold

Jordan is a team member at the anti-bulling and anti-racism project called TEAM. Jordan is an outstanding young person with an amazing heart, she has shown real potential to achieve great things in the future, in supporting the community for raising awareness if bullying and racism issues within the area. She has organised Kick Racism out of Football, performed at many conferences this year, showing the public that these issues still happen and does workshops on how to tackle racism.

Arts Star Supported by Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel: Charlotte Waite

Charlotte is an outstanding young person with an amazing talent for singing and playing the keyboards. Charlotte loves to share her skills by teaching and supporting other pupils with her school with their own musical talent. Charlotte has spent hours, during breaks and after school, working with younger children, teaching them how to sing and giving them encouragement to stand up in front of a live audience and perform.

Outstanding Contribution to the Community, sponsored by JP Morgan: Rebecca Sultana

Rebecca has shown an incredible commitment to volunteering for a variety of different causes, although the Alzheimer’s Society remains close to her heart. As well as volunteering as an Information Officer for the society, in October she took the role of Project Leader for this student-led project which sees Bournemouth University volunteers attend regular Singing for the Brain and Memory Cafe sessions in Westbourne. Triumph Over Adversity, supported by Bournemouth Borough Council: Lauran Green When Lauran was nine-years-old, she developed alopecia, a condition where the body attacks the hair follicles like a virus, which causes the hair to fall out completely or in patches, and was then bullied for being different. Over time, she overcame the bullying and grew in confidence, meeting so many wonderful friends, some who didn’t know that she had the condition, but hopes that people will accept her for her personality.