A WALKER who ignored warning signs and became stuck in the mud on Swanage beach was rescued this afternoon.

The walker was helped by Dorset Fire and Rescue crews and the Coastguard after getting trapped in a waterlogged area of sand and mud situated near to recent landslips.

Purbeck District Council Chief Executive Steve Mackenzie is now warning people not to risk their lives.

He said:  “We are extremely disturbed to hear that people continue to ignore the warning signs and are getting stuck in the mud near the landslip.

“It is particularly worrying that someone could take a chance at high tide or in the dark when there is no one around to see them."

He added:  “Do not ignore the warning signs, do not risk your life. 

"The signs are there for your safety.”

Heavy rain in December led to parts of the cliff becoming unstable with a number of landslips causing debris to fall onto the sea wall and beach.

Further wet weather in January made the situation worse, with significant landfalls to the north of Ocean Bay, particularly in the section between Burlington Chine and Sheps Hollow.

The ground is waterlogged, making the cliff unstable and at risk of further falls of rock and clay.