CYCLISTS have criticised “idiots” who dropped drawing pins on the promenade at Poole.

The bronze pins have been found scattered along the busy prom at Branksome, with a number of riders reporting punctures.

Others have reported experiencing punctures from drawing pins at Sandbanks.

Cyclist Pat Gough was travelling from Oakdale to Bournemouth on Tuesday when he fell victim.

He said: “While a puncture is annoying, I worry about the injuries that the drawing pins can inflict on dogs and the feet of beachgoers in the summer.

“I’ve always found there’s a friendly atmosphere amongst cyclists, dog walkers and pedestrians walking along the promenade in the morning. I feel let down that someone has felt they needed to do this.

“I rode past five or six cyclists repairing punctures on Monday and then realised why, as a pin pierced my tyre.

“I didn’t remove it and was luckily able to complete my journey to work.”

Fellow cyclist Andrew Hooper, 54, from Corfe Mullen, said: “I do cycle along this route but not regularly. If they have been put there deliberately then that’s the worst thing that can happen, especially if it’s bad weather.”

A dog walker, who did not wish to be named, picked up his pet as he approached the pins and added: “If someone has dropped them by accident then that’s one thing but it probably is someone being an idiot.”

A spokesman for the Borough of Poole said officers in beach services were not aware of the incident but had gone out to investigate.

Dorset Police said they had also not been informed.

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