THE Bournemouth woman accused of murdering her neighbour Angelo Rodrigues suffers from a “severe” personality disorder, a court heard.

A consultant forensic psychiatrist said the emotionally unstable personality disorder had a “significant” effect on Tracy Mansell’s ability to exercise self-control.

Mansell has admitted stabbing Mr Rodrigues 20 times with a scissor blade in his flat in Coleman Road, West Howe, but claims diminished responsibility due to her mental state.

Dr Peter Wood said a violent reaction might have been sparked when Mr Rodrigues called her a “whore” and spat in her face.

Prosecutor Graham Reeds QC, cross examining, asked Dr Wood: “Do you concede this is just a woman who has a propensity of violence and that’s why she killed when she did?”

Dr Wood replied: “There is no doubt she has a propensity for violence but it’s what’s causing that? I believe the emotionally unstable personality disorder is causing that.”

Another psychiatrist, Dr Caroline Bradley, told Winchester Crown Court on Wednesday that Mansell was suffering from pos-traumatic stress disorder as well as the personality disorder.

She said: “Her personality disorder includes traits that would appear to be relevant to what she did.”

Dr Bradley said symptoms included hearing voices telling her to stab people, feelings of being touched, spiders infesting her ears and head and manic behaviour. Speaking about Mansell’s actions on the day of the killing, Dr Bradley said: “She knew what she was doing, she knew she was stabbing him” but added that she wasn’t able to “exercise self control”.

The court heard that Mansell had previously contacted the authorities to complain about Mr Rodrigues’ antisocial behaviour.

The jury also heard that Mansell had brandished a knife at healthcare professionals in 2004, admitted carrying a locking or folding hunting knife in her handbag or sock, and had stabbed boyfriend James Kinsley with a fork in 2009.

Mansell, 56, of Coleman Road, West Howe, and James Kinsley, 40, of Hinton Road, Bournemouth, deny murdering Mr Rodrigues, 44, on July 27 last year.

The trial continues.