A DOG training group has been left fuming after being turfed out of its home with just a few days notice.

The team behind Fun 4 Dogs, which has been running for around four years at Tuckton Social Club in Tuckton Road, Bournemouth, said they have been told that they will not be able to use the new hall nearby because the committee running it fears the oak floor will be damaged.

The old hall is due to be demolished shortly. It has left Christine Walton and Nicky Smith, who run the group, desperately trying to find new premises to continue with their courses.

The chairman of Tuckton Social Club, John May, said it was a decision that had not been taken lightly.

Christine, however, said: “Before Christmas we had a letter to say we were moving over and we thought there was no problem whatsoever.

“I had a phone call on New Year’s Eve in the morning to say they didn’t want us to have the hall at all. I said we would guarantee that we would not damage the floor and if it is we will pay for it because I am 100 per cent certain due to the matting we use that it will not happen.

“I think we’re being victimised because it’s dogs. It’s been hard to sort somewhere else out – we have three more sessions to go on this course. I’ve tried everywhere and a lot of the halls and church halls are full.”

The group is appealing to anyone that can help them.

Nicky added: “They haven’t spoken to us face-to-face. We pay three months in advance, so they should have given us three months’ notice.”

John May, chairman of Tuckton Social Club, said the decision came after a meeting with the new hall’s builders last week.

“One of the questions we asked was does the floor scratch, because we have two dog groups; we were told it would.

“This decision hasn’t been taken lightly. We all love dogs, but we have an expensive oak floor put down for dancing and activities.

“They haven’t paid up front for the hire of the hall, so we don’t have to give them notice, although we would have liked to have done. We will try to keep them in the old hall for a few more days if we can. We will do anything we can to help them.”

If anyone has a lock-up, barn, workshop, outhouse, hall or industrial unit the group can use for one night and one afternoon a week, they should contact Christine on 07719 605705.