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  • Kyle, 16, died on February 28 after he was struck on the head by a cricket ball.
  • After an initial investigation police said they were treating his death as a tragic accident.
  • Family and friends have started fundraising for the paediatric unit at Southampton General Hospital.
  • The three-day inquest starts today.
  • Jury set to be sworn in at 10am.


Inquest concludes for today. Will resume tomorrow at 10am. 


Pathologist said it would not have been possible to save Kyle because of the nature of the injury. 

"This would be an unsurvivable injury regardless of what happened at the scene", he said. 


Brain injury worsened on way to Southampton. Brain swelling had deteriorated. 

Cause of death was the brain injury Kyle suffered from the impact. 

No evidence of any natural disease that could have contributed to his death.


When paramedics arrived Kyle was in cardiac arrest and had no pulse. He was in the lowest form of coma on the Glasgow Coma Score. 

CT scan at Bournemouth Hospital showed bleeding on the back of the  brain on the right side, the pathologist said. 


He carried out post mortem on Kyle on February 29.


Witness stands down. Pathologist Dr Russell Delaney up now. 


Coroner just going over the witness statement. 

Witness said on way to lesson he put the hockey ball under a fence out of reach from one of the lads.

Said it is the only time he has ever seen anyone on the roof. 


Witness says another student was on the roof of a building throwing tennis balls off. 

In a statement to police at the time, the witness recalled seeing a hockey ball as well. 


Jury just looking at map of school to ascertain which building the witness is referring to. 


Said he was aware of someone on the roof of a school building around 1.55pm on the day of the incident. 

This is where the ball which struck Kyle is believed to have come from.


Next witness takes the stand. Again, cannot be identified. 


Jury returning. 


Witness steps down. Court adjourns for 15 mins. 


Said about Kyle's injuries: "I knew something was wrong. I knew something was different."

Kyle leaned on the witness, who said, he fell into him and he knew something was wrong. 


"We were just trying to have some fun, throwing balls at each other", the witness tells the court. 

Said one teacher said they didn't want to come out initially because they didn't want to get hit by the balls. 


Witness said Kyle knew he had to lie down.


Said Kyle was frothing from the mouth and had a tear in his eye. He looked like he was struggling to breathe, the witness said.

Said teacher said Kyle was probably unconscious. 


Ball is believed to be a small plastic hockey ball which the witness said had never been seen at school before. 


Witness turned round to see what had happened and then walked towards Kyle, who was holding his head and saying it was hurting. 

He was trying to shake it off but couldn't, the witness tells the court. 


Said he heard someone shouting "Kyle, Kyle, I'm so sorry." 


Said when they came out of the building after registration they had "never seen that many kids." 

Said footballs, shoes and tennis balls and a ping pong ball thrown and a chair used as a bat.



Next witness is called and sworn in. Again for legal reasons they cannot be named. 


Footage was not full, but shows main events the jury have been told. 


CCTV footage ends


Court sees first response paramedics arrive at school on footage. 


A small group of people are surrounding him the images show. 


Shows ball throwing in the playground. See Kyle but camera pans away. Does not capture incident. 

Can see him afterwards sitting on wall before he gets up and stops walking.

camera again pans away. Comes back and court can see Kyle lying on the floor. 


Images show students filing out of buildings into the playground. 


Witness steps down. 

Jury now being shown CCTV video footage again. 


When teacher did come out students started to go inside. 

Witness said he was one of the last to leave the playground en route to lessons. 


Playground Not supervised because it was not a break time, court hears from witness. 


Incident took place between afternoon registration and the next class. 


Said ball throwing "seemed to get out of hand a bit". 

A chair and show were also thrown, although not at anyone. 


Witness could see Kyle and friends. Was heading towards class when the incident took place.

Saw ball thrown and Kyle move in front of the ball and struck. 

Said Kyle seemed "dazed and shocked". 


Younger students had been throwing things at each other. Second time that day.

towards the end of lunch tennis balls began being thrown and other items, the jury hear. 


Says he saw Kyle fall to the floor after the ball had hit him. 

Said he could see his eyes bulging and he went blue. 


Witness steps down.

next witness also cannot be identified.

says items had been thrown during lunch across the playground. 

Bell had gne but everyone continued to throw things. Chair had also been thrown.


Throwing of the ball was being done to make sure teacher could not see it. 

Witness being questioned about staff movements. 

Tells the court the teacher was with Kyle when they came back with help.


Youngster who threw the ball did not want to be caught by a teacher throwing the ball. 

Everyone had been told to go inside for fifth period. 


Teacher was with Kyle when the youngsters returned with help.

Witness heard Kyle encouraging the ball to be thrown. 


The youngsters went to find the school first aider and found her very quickly, the court is told. 

Teacher was nearby when the ball was thrown.


"I just knew it wasn't normal to breathe that heavy", the witness said.


Court hears Kyle held his head immediately after and went "quite red" and sat down. 

His breathing went quite heavy the duty hears and there was some spit as well.


he said his head hurt and needed to sit down.


Witness was stood next to the youngster who threw the ball.

Said Kyle moved in front of the arm the ball was thrown from. 

It did not travel more than a metre before it hit Kyle.


Witness the youngster who threw the ball leaned back and threw the ball towards the IT block. 

Jury just looking at aerial view of the school. 


The ball which struck Kyle was found on the grass by the IT block in the playground beforehand. 

Witness saw it on the ground then someone else picked it up.


Court hears about students throwing tennis balls on the day the incident took place. There were a number of students throwing them back and forth we are told. It was friendly throwing.


Inquest re-commenced.

more witness statements. We cannot name many of the witnesses for legal reasons.


The inquest is due to re-commence at 2.15pm where we will hear from more witnesses. 



The ball has been described as the same size as a tennis ball bit with grooves like a golf ball. 

It is believed it is used for indoor cricket, although is not believed to be a school ball. 


The two students were told to go back to lessons.


The court heard Kyle then began to breathe quite heavily and "a bit of spit had come from his mouth", according to the youngster's statement.

The youngster and another friend then ran to get help from the first aider. 

When they returned Kyle was lying on the floor on his back with a teacher standing over him, the jury was told. 


He had not noticed that Kyle who was originally stood on his right hand side, had moved behind him to his left.

The ball struck Kyle on his head, the statement said.

The court then heard, the youngster grabbed Kyle by his shoulders and asked him if he was okay.

Kyle said he was fine and that he just needed to sit down.


From the transcript of a police interview conducted with the youngster who threw the ball, the court heard that Kyle was encouraging the boy to throw the ball he had found just minutes earlier.

The youngster was reluctant because he did not want to get into trouble but eventually threw the ball into a space in the playground, the jury was told.


A statement was also read by DS Trevor Hawkins from the boy's father.

When the father asked his son if he did it on purpose, the youngster told himself it was an accident, a sentiment echoed by friends on Facebook, the court heard. 


The mother of the boy who threw the ball told the jury that a big part of her son died the same day as Kyle.

She described the state he was in on the day the incident took place as "distraught".

She said: "He can't forgive himself."


When the family got to Southampton they were told by a doctor that  without the life support machines keeping him alive, Kyle would be gone.

The machines were left on overnight for the family to say their goodbyes.


She said: "I was sat waiting, thinking he is young and strong. He will be home before long and spoilt rotten and it will all be good."

Doctors at Bournemouth hospital told her Kyle's heart had stopped in the playground.

"I stopped listening because I was panicking and trying to take it in.

"He is very fit and healthy and that was not the sort of seizure I was expecting them to say about", she said.


Describing the day he died, Tanya said she had a call telling her to go to Bournemouth Hospital as he had been injured.

When Kyle arrived at the hospital, Tanya said the paramedics wouldn't open the doors until she had gone inside.


The inquest has adjourned for lunch.

Kyle's mother Tanya said her son had a "huge personality and huge heart". 

He loved football and played golf with his dad and grandfather.

He had had an interview to study engineering.


Hear that Kyle told his friend to throw the ball but as the youngster threw it Kyle walked in front of it.

There were about four or five others in the playground at the time.


The statement is describing what happened that day in the playground.



Court now hearing transcript of police interview with the youngster who threw the ball.

read by DS Trevor Hawkins.


The mother of the youngster who threw the ball has also given evidence


The mother of the youngster who threw the ball has also given evidence


Kyle's mum Tanya said the family did not blame the youngster who threw the ball in any way.


Kyle's mother described him as a lively boy who had hoped to go to college to study engineering. 


Kyle's mother described him as a lively boy who had hoped to go to college to study engineering. 


Tanya Cooper, Kyle's mum to give evidence.


People now returning to the Coroner's court. Waiting for proceedings to begin.


The coroner and jurors have just arrived back at the Town Hall.


Jurors gone on site visit to school now. Inquest has been adjourned until about 12noon.


Footage shows only the lead up and aftermath of the incident in the school playground.


Jurors being shown CCTV


Coroner also said the ball is not a type usually used by Harewood College.

It is thought the ball may have been on the school roof and fetched by a pupil


Coroner said Kyle seemed initially okay after the impact. But then he sat down and it was clear he needed urgent medical attention.


Jurors will be shown CCTV footage from the playground. 

This does not show the incident itself where Kyle was injured.


Coroner says he will ask jurors to record a narrative verdict at the end of the inquest.

He says they will be asked to delve further into the issues.

Reiterates they are not to apportion blame. 


Coroner Sherriff Payne has opened the inquest. Jury being sworn in.


Jury entering the room. There are 10 jurors -six men and four women.


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Family and friends just arriving including Kyle's mum Tanya.


Kyle was a pupil at Portchester School -now known as Harewood College-which is where the tragedy took place earlier this year.

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