A LONG-AWAITED BMX track has become a reality on Bournemouth’s Town-send estate thanks to community-minded residents who now have their sights set on a skatepark.

Old and young joined forces to give the outdated BMX track a makeover, working tirelessly to spruce up the much-needed attraction using hand tools and a digger to complete the work.

Assistant community liaison officer Caroline Abbis said: “The BMX track is now a facility that young people can use.

“It was a very successful project which didn’t involve much funding but just lots of man hours to complete.”

She revealed that a concrete skatepark, next to the dirt BMX track, was now being planned.

Help has been sought from a skatepark building company which is consulting local children on their design plans.

So far £20,000 has been raised by the local community.

Caroline added: “We still need to raise £80,000 to £90,000 for this to become a reality.

“Two sources of funding have been identified to cover the money needed, as well as local fundraisers.

“We have also had the support of Bournemouth University students.” Earlier this year community leader Claire Geraghty called for funding to finance the BMX track.

The chairperson of Townsend community centre and mum-of-three said: “It’s been amazing how everyone has pulled together to give the outdated track a revamp.

“Now we are focusing on fundraising for the skatepark which would be the icing on the cake.

“There is a great community spirit on Townsend and people look out for one another; that doesn’t happen much these days.”