IF you think dinosaurs are extinct then it’s time to think again.

Lurking in a classroom at Queens Park Academy exists a range of creatures too realistic to be models.

From triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex to brachiosaurus and pterodactyl, the collection is the frightening result of a Year 3 project.

When teachers Lauren Dean, Rachael Woodward, Laura Harrison and Jane Wilson asked their pupils to create a dinosaur during the half term break, nothing could have prepared them for what was to arrive at school for the new half term.

Takisha McDonagh and her mummy staggered down the road with the biggest of the bunch, their own creation, while Thomas Lewis’s pterodactyl looks as if it could have flown to school on its own.

The rest of the year group appeared with a terrifying array of creatures to scare their teachers.

If it wasn’t for Tia Fallon’s glittery monster and Ana Luisa’s cuddly pink dinosaur you could be forgiven for thinking they had come back to life.

Executive head teacher Brian Hooper said the work was part of the International Primary Curriculum, which encourages creativity.

Year 3 head Lauren Dean said: “It was a homework task and we told them they could create their dinosaurs however they liked.

“All the dinosaurs are amazing and they were really excited to see each other’s work.”

Zanjabila Amiri said her creation took most of the holiday and Courtney Sammon told how her triceratops was made from papier mache.