THE family and friends of a popular young father have been left devastated by his sudden death at the age of 34.

Lifelong asthmatic Allan Roushas-Lee was a support worker to boys with Asperger’s syndrome at Southlands School near Lymington.

He collapsed at his home in Bournemouth, on Saturday October 27, after returning from a shift helping out at Skirmish paintballing centre near Bere Regis.

His widow Charlotte, said: “He had been suffering with his asthma a few days before.

“He phoned at about 3pm to say he was having to sit in the car for a while because his asthma had got bad. He got home about 6pm and seemed fine.”

Charlotte, 32, was in the bath with the couple’s 19-month-old daughter Evangeline when Allan went into the bedroom to start his nebuliser, a machine that delivers a fine mist of inhaled medication.

“I heard it go on but a few seconds later, he was shouting at me to call an ambulance.

“I jumped out of the bath and grabbed the phone. He was struggling to breathe. His lips had gone blue,” she said.

An ambulance service operator advised her what to do. “I told him ‘Don’t worry, they’re on the way’. He said: ‘Charlotte, I’m dying’.

“He ran out of breath and passed out in the hallway in front of me. They took him off but I knew it was too late.”

The couple had been together for 16 years after meeting at Tower Park in Poole when Allan was working at Megabowl.

They bought their home in Southbourne 10 years ago and married at Highcliffe Castle in 2008, with a reception at Compton Acres.

“He was so happy he punched the air when they were pronounced man and wife,” recalled his mother Angela, of Creekmoor.

The couple sadly lost their first child at 20 weeks.

“All he wanted in life was to have children. When Evangeline came along he was absolutely besotted with her,” said Charlotte.

Despite his bouts of serious illness, Allan did not let his asthma hold him back.

He attended Hillbourne First and Middle Schools, then Henry Harbin (now Poole High) with his identical twin brother Clinton.

The pair were inseparable and inevitably earned the nickname of the Terrible Twins.

They won many judo and grasstrack racing trophies and played rugby.

Later Allan marshalled at Skirmish and introduced younger brother Matthew to the sport.

He spent several years working as a paint sprayer, but had to give up following an accident at work.