FRUSTRATED drivers are cutting through a bus lane as delays at a Bournemouth roundabout continue.

Drivers at Iford roundabout are using the new lane to get to Christchurch Road while traffic is at a standstill at the busy junction.

Recent work at the roundabout included introducing a bus stop, bus lane and cycle lane and motorists have blamed the changes for snarl-ups.

Highways chiefs insist the delays are happening because work at the site is not finished and said things will get better when work, to include a toucan crossing and zebra crossing, is complete.

The Daily Echo has received video footage of motorists using the bus lane to reduce travel times.

Gary Powell, head of traffic, engineering and major projects at Bournemouth council, has said the work is part of changes to the transport network to accommodate more traffic o the roads in the future.

He told the Daily Echo: "As the population grows, there will be more people, more jobs and more commuters on the road network.

"This means we must make changes now and provide a transport network which gives people easier, safer and more attractive travel options whilst reducing congestion on our road network.

"We are committed to keeping Bournemouth an attractive place to live, work and visit, and getting from A to B with minimal delay is imperative. By making improvements like those at Iford roundabout, in the long-term we will have good infrastructure in place that will enable people to travel more easily without the need for cars, which means less congestion, better air quality and less carbon emissions impacting on the environment."

Mr Powell said council officers will monitor the situation and may consider "minor changes" to improve traffic congestion.

He added: "Improvements at Iford roundabout are now largely complete although some additional lining and road markings will be added shortly. An island has been installed to ensure that traffic approaches the new toucan crossing at an appropriate speed. A zebra crossing will follow on Iford Lane next year. It is important that we remind motorists not to drive through bus lanes for the safety of all road users."