CRAIG David’s first visit to the Mayflower Theatre lived up to his dreams when he received a rapturous welcome on the first night of his residency there.

Hordes of devoted fans were packed into the iconic venue to welcome their superstar back to his roots.

The atmosphere was electric as he came out of the shadows and strode forward.

Casually dressed in a red bomber jacket and trackies he launched into Ain’t Giving Up and hit after hit followed.

The mainly-female crowd were on their feet throughout singing along to favourites including Walking Away, What’s Your Flava and Fill Me In.

It was no surprise that Seven Days sent everyone a little bit crazy.

Every mention of his home town set off screams throughout the theatre and a there was a huge cheer when he announced that his parents were in the audience.

After disappearing briefly, he strutted back on to the stage to deliver an impressive DJ set and some brilliant rapping.

He’ll be back on September 11, 12 and 13 and there are a handful of tickets left. Grab them while you can.