WIMBORNE’s James Daniel McVey and his band The Vamps could be sitting at the number one spot this Sunday, according to the midweek sales figures for their new single.

The popular boy band have already hit the top spot on the iTunes album chart with the EP version of their second single Wild Heart, while the title track itself currently sits at number four on the singles chart.

Wild Heart was released on Sunday. The band’s debut single Can We Dance entered the official UK charts at number two in the autumn. Can their second go one place better on Sunday?

James has had a whirlwind year since joining the band and that looks set to continue into this year and beyond.

The boys will support American pop sensation Taylor Swift throughout her O2 Arena residency next month and will be on the road with The Wanted in March for their final tour.

The Vamps boast a following of over 200,000 people on Twitter and a die-hard fanbase that most bands would take years to accumulate.

In an exclusive interview with 24Seven, James said their popularity had come as a surprise to everyone in the band.

“I don’t think any of us expected to have the support that we’ve had from fans so we’re very lucky and we feel very privileged,” says James, 19.

Although The Vamps have only been a band for a year, James has spent a lot longer in the music scene.

Growing up in Wimborne, James was a regular in the local Bournemouth scene, which he believes has given him solid foundations for the rest of his career.

James said: “I was playing anywhere I could so I played a lot of shows in Bournemouth.

“I owe a lot to the local music scene in Bournemouth.”

After their formation, The Vamps performed their first set of gigs supporting McFly, a band that The Vamps have already drawn comparisons to.

James was very proud of this, stating: “We love being compared to bands like McFly because they play and write their material.

“We really want to be playing for as long as we can so being compared to McFly is something that we really like.”

James also stated that performing on the same bills as McFly, in particular, was a great experience for The Vamps where they picked up many things.

He said: “McFly really demonstrated to us how a band should play live. They’re very energetic and charismatic on stage and I think they showed us how to connect with the audience.

“That’s something we really tried to take and replicate in our own performances.”

With a dedicated group of fans dubbed the “Vamps Army”, the future looks very bright for The Vamps.