BOURNEMOUTH outfit Skeleton Kid won the chance to open for Pappa Roach, thanks to the support of their fans.

The shadow punk trio who formed in 2011, supported the rockers in Bremen, Germany on Sunday after entering a competition through Eleven Seven Music.

The band launched a campaign on Facebook and Twitter asking fans to help them win the spot by liking the Eleven Seven Music Facebook page and casting a vote for them.

Reflecting on the gig the band said: “Stepping out to thousands of people in Germany supporting a band that inspired us was a dream come true.”

Skeleton Kid released their debut nine-track album, It’s a Funeral Not a Fashion Statement, at the end of September.

The album is available to buy through iTunes and at their online store,

If you want to catch them live on home soil you’ll have a little while to wait as their next gig isn’t until January 14 next year when they play The Anvil with Generation Graveyard.